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Looking for employment opportunities

Currently there are no positions available. The following positions may be available in the future.

1. Research Scientist-Organic Chemist
2. Research Scientist-Formulation Development
(a) Formulation Development-Nutraceuticals - Oral Solid Dosage form
(b) Formulation Development-Cosmeceuticals - Gel/Cream, lotion, emulsion
(c) Formulation Development- Fuel &Lubricants
3. QC Chemist-Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
4. Microbiologist/Biochemist
5. Laboratory Assistant-Formulations
6. Laboratory Assistant-Organic Synthesis
7. Business Development & Marketing Staff
8. Administration & Payroll Clerk

Please forward your resume to with full confidentiality.


Investors inquire here

Any and all investors, please feel free to contact us about current investing opportunities. Email us at with full confidentiality.