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We are dealing with following products categories
Organic Active Ingredients (API, CAI, FAI etc)
Personal Care & Household
Lubricants & Grease
Adhesives & Sealants

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MOMA Skin Care

MOMA SKIN CARE formulations are based on from the Ordinary Art of the Skill to the cutting edge anti-aging technology including Plant Stem Cell Technology.

  1. Effective in reducing existing wrinkles and Slowing the formation of new wrinkles. Increase regeneration of the skin cell to promote skin elasticity and firmness Process of Slowing down Free Radical Oxidation for Premature aging.

MOLESCI & MATESCI (MOMA) Skin Care products slowing down aging process: Keeping Young and Strong.

MOMA- Cream/Gel: Anti-aging/Anti-wrinkle
MOMAKYS Gel / Cream: Multi-Active containing gel protect your skin against environmental damage
MOMAanti-ageGEL: Peptide Blend with Cosmetically Active Ingredients

Our products are effective in
1. Reducing existing wrinkles and
2. Slowing the formation of new wrinkles.



Organic &Natural Vitamins, Supplements, Anti-Oxidant & nutraceuticals: promotive – preventive – curative and nutritive to reducing pre-mature death

Slowing down occurring disease by taking anti-oxidant/ multi-vitamin and minerals, botanical / plant drugs / herbal medicine
Control sugar level in blood
Decrease LDL and increase HDL in blood to reduce the risk of Heart Attack
Reducing blood clogging:  Blood Anti-clogging agent
Lowering the urinary tract infections: Slowing down occurring kidney disease
Increase libido and sexual desire



Pharmaceuticals Drug products
Transdermal Cream/Ointment/ Patch
Suppositories Drug




Organic Active Ingredients

PAI (Pharmaceutically Active Ingredients)
CAI (Cosmeceutically Active Ingredients
FAI (Functionally Active Ingredients


Drug Intermediates/Building Blocks

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