The Role of BODY & DOSE©

Molecular Foods, the MINDS Food©

We understand that maintaining a healthy diet is essential to promoting overall well-being. That’s why we’re excited to introduce functional food and nutraceuticals – innovative products that offer health benefits beyond basic nutrition  according to your body’s need.

Our slogan is “Know Your Body and Know Your Dose”  by knowing your body and knowing the nutritional dose requirement, the BODY & DOSE  may either  dictate you or provide you the optimal delivery of the micro-dose nutrients to keep you healthy and strong along with the MINDS Food. 

Our molecular food products are created through the manipulation of food ingredients at the molecular level, resulting in unique characteristics such as enhanced taste, texture, shelf life, and nutritional content. Our MINDS© Food line is specially formulated with a variety of multi-active ingredients, including carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are carefully balanced to support optimal nutrition.

We’re also proud to offer allergen-free and gluten-free options, as well as gluten-rich products for those who can tolerate it. With our proprietary MomaMix and Molecular Mix Ingredients, we’re able to deliver truly innovative and effective solutions for your health and wellness needs. Try our molecular food products today and experience the difference for yourself!

Molecular food production based on renewable biomass production/growing processing and characterizations.

We identify renewable biomass source origin,  growing, harvesting, extra-processing requirement before we do  final processing to health food products.

At our company, we understand the importance of renewable biomass sources in creating high-quality food ingredients. That’s why we prioritize the identification, cultivation conditions, and source origin of our ingredients, as well as implementing additional processing steps beyond traditional post-harvesting methods to ensure the best possible quality.

Drying Process of Food Biomass

Renewable Biomass Derived Seeds, Grains, Leaves, Flower Processing to Flour and Powder

One critical aspect of food maintenance is preservation, and drying is a vital technique in achieving this goal. Through the dehydration process the moisture levels are reduced to a point where microbial activity is no longer supported, allowing for longer shelf life and greater product stability.

To achieve the best results, we use a variety of drying methods depending on the nature of the products we are treating. These methods include hot air drying, infrared drying, freeze-drying, fluidized bed drying, and more, all carefully selected to maximize quality and effectiveness. At Molecular Foods, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality food ingredients through careful cultivation, processing, and preservation techniques.

Renewable Biomass Derived Seeds, Grains, Leaves, Flower Processing to Flour and Powder

Molecular Foods is dedicated to utilizing natural ingredients derived from both terrestrial and marine sources to promote sustainable nutrition and environmental health. Our products include a range of plant parts, including leaves, stems, roots, fruits, buds, and flowers, as well as seaweeds such as green, blue, and black algae, including the highly beneficial pure spirulina (blue green algae), which is currently under development.

With our expertise in processing a wide range of grains, cereals, millets, roots, tuber crops, plants hurd, leaves, and flowers, we’re able to carefully screen the source origin of our ingredients and employ extra processing steps in addition to traditional post-harvesting methods. This allows us to create composite formulations of multi-ingredient flours that result in high-quality industrial raw materials and foods, including bakery and confectionery products.

Our milling and grinding processes result in flours and powders with precisely characterized properties, which we then blend into composite flours to create exceptional products. At Molecular Foods, we’re passionate about utilizing natural ingredients and advanced processing techniques to deliver superior nutrition and environmental benefits to our customers.

Molecular Ingredients of Flours and Powders for Bakery and Confectionery Food Applications

At our company, we are fully committed to promoting positive effects on human health by creating nutrient-dense micro ingredients with a variety of beneficial components including proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and a balanced nutrient-antinutrient composition. We take great care in screening the origin of our ingredients and utilizing extra processing steps to develop high-quality, multi-ingredient formulations that meet our standards. Our team has developed a proprietary know-how for creating our Molecular Ingredients Mix (MIM) Formula, which we are testing for in vitro digestibility and anti-oxidant effectiveness.  In our Molecular Material Science Lab (MMSL), our team of scientist developing Molecular Ingredients Mix (MIM) and MomaMix Formula. We are using MIM and MomaMix to develop Bakery and Confectionery food products such as high energy Breads, Biscuits, Bars, Cookies, and more.

Molecular Beverage and Drink Products

Utilizing plants metabolites and its functionalized bioactive ingredients, we are developing SSEDA Energy as Energy Booster and SSEDA  Plus for  Athletic Performance